After beginning his Bovaflux project in 2000, Eddie Symons has worked his way up from releasing CDrs and running his own labels (Struktur, [d]-tached) to now working with some of the finest (though perhaps smallest) electronica imprints in the UK. He has appeared on line-ups alongside the likes of Isan, Leafcutter John, Posthuman, and Tunng.

In 2005 he released his debut album for Highpoint Lowlife records, presenting a beautiful hybrid sound, influenced by intricate melody and structure as much as it is based on complex beat programming. His sound retains a simple elegance on the surface, easily allowing you to become deeply entrenched in the music, discovering more and more detail upon each further listen. Aquatic and fluid dub bass lines underpin lurching slow hip-hop inspired beats, rising surges of digital atmospherics and subtle flowing melodies.

Following a 7 track EP in 2008, a new full length was released in 2012 was released "Invariant". This next step on the journey reflected his experiences living in Germany, while also showcasing his sharp production skills and continued love of pure melodic structures.

After spending over a year running his own fortnightly radio show for Future Music, Eddie has now returned to the studio to focus on his next album project, expected later in 2015.